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We Don’t Live Here Anymore!

January 27, 2010

Our little blog is moving on up!

Okay, not up…just over. To:


Blogging Ever After




Because that domain name just makes more sense…and I like the idea of NOT having our last name be so super duper public. ;)

Hope all you lovely visitors will meet us there!


Marriage Perk #214: Slumber Parties! {With Your Hubby}

November 11, 2009

This morning, I woke up just like this:

Of course, along with *butterflies and love bugs*, the fact that I woke up in the living room holding hands with my husband inspired the shutterbug in me!

I love our little slumber parties.

Renting a movie, inflating our AeroBed in the living room, eating popcorn, and having a slumber party is one of those things we never did until we were married, so I consider it one of the perks of our being married.

I highly recommend it!


Oh, and marriage perk #215?

Waking up from said slumber party, having your hubby make breakfast, and then kicking each other’s butts at Super Smash Bros. Brawl on your Wii!


October 19, 2009
Image from an awesome scene in the Baby(ies) trailer!

Image from an awesome scene in the Baby(ies) trailer!


In the words of Rogue 2 from Empire Strikes Back: “I found them, repeat, I found them.” (Yes, I am a total Star Wars Geek and I don’t care, ^_^). Be prepared to have your world rocked by epic levels of cuteness!

So, there are two things I’m not much for: overly cutesy stuff and documentaries. I don’t swoon or go “awwwwwwwwww” at cute stuff. Just not that kind of guy.

However, I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit when I find something cute. This post at Design Inspiration is just too cute to be true.

With that in mind, the wife and I went to the movies the other day and saw a trailer that was so freaking cute I almost, almost, cooed, or whatever it is women do when they see something cute.

The trailer is for a movie called “Baby(ies).” It’s a documentary focusing on four babies from around the world—Nambia, Mongolia, Japan and SF. If I could find the trailer I’d post a link (*see below), but apparently Focus Features just picked up the domestic rights to it, so there’s not a lot of press available for it yet.

So let me just say this: whether you’re interested in Where the Wild Things Are or not (go see it, it’s good), go just to see the trailer for Baby(ies). CUTEST. TRAILER. EVER!!!!!!!!!

The hardest, tattooed, bikerish, most gangstatafied dudes in America couldn’t watch this trailer without swooning over these kids. This movie could bring about world peace, I kid you not (HA! “kid”).

So if you find any info on it , or a link to a video of the trailer, SHARE!!!! :-)


Another image from the trailer

Another image from the trailer

*UPDATE: I found this Baby(ies) website, this FilmInFocus article and these photos on the Studio Canal website.

Check ‘em out. AREN’T THEY CUTE, yes they are! Yes they–—I did not just do that!

Oh yeah—and check out the comment from the movie makers below!