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•Blogging Our Ever After•


“Our tiny, seemingly insignificant, day-to-day memories are important to me, and I don’t want their memories or significance to fade over time. So, I write this.”

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The Story


“The boy, Galen, was just about to drop the class and leave when she walked in. When he saw her, he sat back down.

It’s a good thing he did, too, because the girl, JeLisa, ended up sitting next to him!”


The Wedding


“In the end, our vows were made, our marriage license was signed, and we were married—and that was the whole point, right?”


“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

“I wanted to have three sets of vows: Mine to Galen, Galen’s to me, and Ours {together} to God. Our vows to God spoke to keeping Him at the head of our marriage, manifesting His love for us into our love for each other…”


{The First-Year Video}

“We’re an old married couple now! Okay, not really, but we made it through our first year, and it’s an amazing feeling…”


Our First Date {JeLisa’s Version}

“Galen had recently divulged to me that I was Honey, and I had begun developing a little crush of my own; so I wanted him to meet my mother and get her stamp of approval…”


Our Other First Date {Galen’s Version}

“I loved hanging out with Galen, so when (after an afternoon hanging out at my on-campus apartment) he invited me to come check out “this really good Indian restaurant in the Haight,” I jumped at the opportunity…”


Before I Was Galen’s Girl, I Was A Mama’s Girl

“As soon as I realized that I felt the same way about Galen that he did for me, I made sure to introduce him to herbefore taking any steps toward a relationship with him. And it was as the three of us danced and laughed and hung out together that first nightthat my love for Galen began to bloom.”


{Embracing the Passage}

“Without a doubt, my marriage has been my most significant passage yet. I’ve said it before and it still holds true: marriage is a mirror. I’m amazed at how much I have been stretched and challenged and made better because of my marriage…”


Road Trips, Sunsets, and Sing-A-Longs {Carmel + Monterey}

Long stretches of road pass by as we grow closer to our destination and each other, playing one of our corny road trip games, talking about the future, reading to each other, singing along to the music as if we have good voices…”

{Entry Here}


(Re)Discovering An Old Friend

“We hadn’t visited this park since a few months after we got married, so this visit was way overdue! It was really nice coming back and rediscovering it’s beauty again. The best part? Definitely the views.”


Thankful Thursdays

“It was the 2nd day of class, and we’d been partnered up by our professor, Dr. Tsuruta, for an assignment. Galen and I still didn’t know each other that well, and as I was writing our names on the paper, I spelled his name wrong: G-A-Y-L-A-N-D.”


Marriage Perk #214: Slumber Parties!

“Of course, along with *butterflies and love bugs*, the fact that I woke up in the living room holding hands with my husband inspired the shutterbug in me…”


“There Is No Limit To The Beauty Of Your Beloved”

“I have to find it in me to remember my vow to see Him as God does…as valuable and lovable in spite of his flaws. And so does he {I get on his nerves, too!}. Why? Because I’m not his girlfriend; I’m his wife.”


Smiling {With My Heart}

“Once I began to meditate on that, I was able to get out of bed with a heart for looking around my home to find little things to be thankful for…”


Falling In Love In San Francisco

“Things like this are why San Francisco is one of my favorite places to fall in love with Galen all over again…weekend after weekend. :)”


Blessings And The Things I Missed

“I prayed about it, asked my husband about it, and even consulted the police officers about it, and today was the day I donned my walking boots and set off to recapture my morning walk and say a new hello to all the little things I’d missed…


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  1. soyluv permalink
    November 26, 2009 6:44 PM

    wow! what a great love, great blog and a great love-story. i don’t know you but congrats to you both and i’ll be popping by again. i loooooooove love and i love love stories. can’t wait to have one of my own ;-)

    • November 26, 2009 9:03 PM

      Awww, thanks, Soyluv!

      Nice to meet you, and I’m glad you’ll be by again! Looking forward to getting to know you. :)

  2. lisa stephens permalink
    December 13, 2009 6:34 PM

    Aaaahhh, i’m sooooo Happy to know that you’re sooooo Happy. Love you Mommie.

  3. mary brown permalink
    January 2, 2010 5:02 PM

    Hi JeLisa, I’m so thankful that you are happy (you and Galen) and most of all I’m thankful that you both love the Lord. Love both of you, grandmama


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