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The Story

Once upon a time…

On the first day of class their Sophomore year at San Francisco State University, a girl caught a boy’s eye when she walked into class late.

They were both enrolled in an English class within the university’s Black Studies department, and the boy, Galen, was just about to drop the class and leave when she walked in.

When he saw her, he sat back down. :)

It’s a good thing he did, too, because the girl, JeLisa, ended up sitting next to him!


For the next few years, a friendship grew between them, and JeLisa often listened to Galen talk about a secret crush he had on a girl named “Honey.”

Though she always asked to know who Honey really was, Galen found many ways (namely lying!) to mislead her on finding out Honey’s true identity until, finally, one summer two years later, he revealed to JeLisa that she was Honey!

2 months later, she was his honey…and 2 years later, he was her fiance!


Fast-forward yet another year and…

They were married!!!

After 2 years of secret crushes and 3 years of dating, Galen & JeLisa became husband and wife on their 3rd anniversary!

And they’re currently living happily ever after in San Francisco.


The end. The beginning…


Nearlyweds (The Early Years)

Nearlyweds (aka The Early Years)

Year One!

Newlyweds (aka "Year One!")



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